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This made me ha-BEE!
(And I stand by that pun)

Fucking parodies!

More like devil's boner! :P

Great job. A fun read and nice and clean looking. I really like the single frame solution. Can't wait for the net one :D

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Great game, BUT:

There is a very enoying glitch were the screen sometimes scroll down to the bottom of the screen and gets stuck when you start up a level. I am on internet explorer 8 with the lates version of flash..
But I love the graphics, the chicken is funny, the levels look great, it is fairly challengeing, what more can you ask for :)

10/10 for great organizing.

And of course for the great job done by everybody. I am so glad that you are around the art forum, your collabs stand as a great example to how it should be done.

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks. . . I try my best to get the art out their and show NG what the Art Forum is made of :)

I'm glad you liked it.

I made 540698,9 feet

But it didn't take that long. And after that it's not really funny anymore. But there is still all those things left to buy.. I might play 10 longer.. BUT IM NOT ENJOYING IT >:(

Great game, loved it :D

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Man this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing! :D


thanks for the props buddy!


This is pretty scary in a goofy sorta way. I can easily imagine this being used in a flash or something like that, it has a very imagey quality. This song however has little or nothing to do with blues in my opinion.

Falonefal responds:

Put it in "blues" because of the harmonica :P

Thanks for the review ^^

How did you come up with that vocal idea!

Im not sure why. But this is damn awsome. It really creeps me out. But in the good way you know. I think this must be first murder country or gothic south or what-ya-call-it on newgrounds, and I have really missed it. But while the vocals does sound cool, it is a bit hard to hear the words. I would be nice if you would post the lyrics because what I have made out of it so far sounds great. And I love that ambient guitar in the background btw. Great work.. Gotta listen through the rest of your stuff..

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Wauw. That is very cool.

Love it!

Man. That is super neat!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I miss you, lunds :’(

Goat butter

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