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Man this is brilliant! Thanks for sharing! :D


thanks for the props buddy!

Empty Town Empty Town

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This is pretty scary in a goofy sorta way. I can easily imagine this being used in a flash or something like that, it has a very imagey quality. This song however has little or nothing to do with blues in my opinion.

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Falonefal responds:

Put it in "blues" because of the harmonica :P

Thanks for the review ^^

Sixteen Tons Sixteen Tons

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How did you come up with that vocal idea!

Im not sure why. But this is damn awsome. It really creeps me out. But in the good way you know. I think this must be first murder country or gothic south or what-ya-call-it on newgrounds, and I have really missed it. But while the vocals does sound cool, it is a bit hard to hear the words. I would be nice if you would post the lyrics because what I have made out of it so far sounds great. And I love that ambient guitar in the background btw. Great work.. Gotta listen through the rest of your stuff..

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Working Hard Hardly Working Working Hard Hardly Working

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Skøn-sang OG skøn sang :)

Godt lavet. Det er dejligt med et frisk pust på country listen. Du laver nogle gode sange, jeg håver på at høre mere til dig her på newgrounds :)

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fhjfhghgd fhjfhghgd

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I really liked this one.

I read your kind review on one of my songs and I thought I would return the favour if you had anything worth reviewing. This song id the first one of yours I have heard, and I have to say, at first I was just about the hit the return button because this is definetly not very inviting. However, I did decide to give you another chance, and I then ended up listening to it tree times over. Very artsy, VERY weird. But it grows on you in a weird way. At the same time, and this is what puzzels me (in the good way) is that I still get increddible enoyed at the song while listening to it. Thanks for the surprice :) Now I have to listen to some of your other stuff..

ragnampiza responds:

Hahaha wow thank you! I'm glad you liked this. I guess a number of people below described it as atmospheric etc. Which I agree to I guess. It was never my intention to make the piece sound like this in the end. I know I wanted an ambient-esque piece. So anywya, Thanks!

Mama can you cook some candy? Mama can you cook some candy?

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Really nicely done.

There is some things about the mixing I don't like, guitar and bass effects sound a bit enoying. The lead work pretty good. But the best part is definetly your voice. It really good man. Lyrics is good too. Nice job all in all :)

Urbanus responds:

Yeah, I suck at mixing...thanks for the review though!

Boris and the Bear Boris and the Bear

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

More Jazz than Country if you ask me..

Pretty well played, but the sound was not the best. I would like to hear you with some better audio. I would suggest this being moved to the jazz section thoigh, It has a gypsy jazz feel that doesn't fit with the country label in my opinion.

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Chupaniitti responds:

We could not manage to record this at a studio, but a remote cottage. This is recorded under influence of beer and rodents running aroud so the quality is what it is. I Totally agree with the jazz thing! allthough gypsys doesent make my thumb go up!

Thanks dude for your comment but I have to say:

Head Of Candy Head Of Candy

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Sweet Jebus!

Oh god this is the most horrible thing I have ever heard. But it is pretty hillarious. The score is for the good laugh :)

Community Whore Community Whore

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This is pretty funny..

But Im not sure it is funny in the way you would like it to be, Im pretty sure you didn't hit a single note through the whole song. I sort of sounds like you have been singing it without monitors or something like that.

Great White Elephant Great White Elephant

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Nice voice.

I have to agree Boux, the chordprogression is quite Ten Years After like. But it does not really temper with my overall impression of the song. It's only a few chords in the verse after all. Nice to see some decent lyrics. A lot of people on NG does not seem to think the lyrics matter. Good voice, good playing. The backing vocals seem pretty good too.. Good good :D